Bleacher Report

Through my time as an intern and eventual promotion to featured columnist at Bleacher Report, I had the opportunity to write about a number of sports and sports teams. These are a few of my clips from B/R, sorted by sport.

National Football League

Cleveland Browns to Watch in 2013

I anaylzed which Browns players are underrated heading into the 2013 seasons, and what fans should expect from those players.

NFL Free Agency 2013: Players Who Will Rebound Strong with new Team

With NFL free agency underway, I wrote about a number of players who would improve after signing with a new team in the offseason.

Analyzing the Options at Quarterback for the Cleveland Browns

Heading into the offseason, I compared the various options that the Browns had at quarterback going into the 2013 season.

College Basketball

Reasons Miami Should be One of the Favorites Heading Into March

Prior to the NCAA tournament, I took a look at the reasons why the University of Miami had the best shot to win the national title.

Indiana Basketball: Fighting Illini Players Who Will Give No. 1 Hoosiers Fans Fits

Just a few hours before the Illinois Illini upset the No. 1 (at the time) Indiana Hoosiers, I wrote about Illini players who could really stand out.

Major League Baseball

What to Expect When Washington Nationals Pitchers and Catchers Report

The day that spring training began, I examined what pitchers had the most to improve on heading into the 2013 season.

Fantasy Baseball 2013: Players Who Will be Overrated Heading into Draft Day

Prior to many fantasy baseball drafts, I compiled a list of players who are overrated in the eyes of many fantasy owners, and wrote why those players don’t belong as high on many rankings as they are.

National Basketball Association

Why Nene-Marcin Gortat Front Line Works So Well for Washington Wizards

During the Wizards’ playoff run in April of 2014, I examined why the Nene and Marcin Gortat relationship down-low worked so well for Washington in the first series.

Washington Wizards’ Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses in Playoffs so Far

Prior to Washington’s exit from the second round of the playoffs at the hands of the Pacers, I broke down what was going right and wrong for the team in the postseason.

Washington Wizards’ 2014 NBA Draft Big Board

Although the Wizards didn’t have a pick until the second round of the 2014 draft, I ranked several players who the Wizards should target. 

Updated Long-Term Plan for the Washington Wizards

After free agency ended over the summer, I laid out a plan for the Wizards to follow for the next two seasons in order to further improve the team. 


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