Capitals Outsider

For all of my stories posted on Capitals Outsider, I develop my story ideas and pursue them independently. I will often attend practices or games in order to interview players for many of their stories. To set ourselves apart, Capitals Outsider encourages writers to abstain from the traditional game coverage, and look at unique story ideas that can relate Capitals fans and players.

Three Caps Skate with Dreams for Kids

Several Capitals players took the time after practice one day to skate with children from the Dreams for Kids program. The children who participated in the event all suffered from some form of physical or mental disability. The story features the input of two of the players, Braden Holtby and Tomas Kundratek, who took part in the event, and why it was nice to take break from their daily routine.

American NHLers fight for Spotlight against Canadians and Europeans

Over the past several season, American NHL players have been more prevalent in the league, although they are still often viewed as less productive players compared to Canadian and European players. I spoke to several Caps players about what they are trying to do to grow the game in the U.S.


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