The Baltimore Sun

Although my internship was mainly with the copy desk, I was assigned several stories throughout the summer, developing sources entirely on my own and often taking the photos for the stories as well. In all, I had four pictures printed in The Sun and nine bylines (note: The Sun’s site operates on a pay wall, that runs out after four views).

With new coaching staff, Morgan State looking to reverse fortunes

Morgan State, a smaller FCS school in Baltimore, brought in a new coach during the 2014 offseason, and faces a tough schedule as several key seniors enter their last year at Morgan. 

After break, Fallston’s Leiter trains his eye on more titles in field archery

A 52-year-old archer from Fallston, Maryland began competing in field archery when he was a teenager. When he turned 30, he took a long break from the sport and is now looking to make a comeback in the senior circuit. 

Maryland seeking to improve public access to waterways

After a national study was released on declining public water access in Maryland, I localized the story to see if boaters and fishers in Maryland had a difficult time finding ways to get their boats in the water. 


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