The Towerlight

Cheerleading Scandal

Cheer team suspended

Cheer penalty lessened

Cheerleading team will not appeal to Univ. president

At the beginning of the fall 2013 semester, the Towson University cheerleading team was suspended for violation of the school’s hazing policy. I was able to publish this story with The Towerlight before anyone else, getting attribution from other articles about the suspension from the Associate Press, The Baltimore Sun and Yahoo! This series of stories follows the developments of the suspension. 

White Student Union

White Student Union Seeks Legal Consultation

Non-profit calls for president to denounce White Student Union

Interest for White Student Union grows

Early in the fall 2012 semester, a group of students attempted to form a White Student Union on Towson University’s campus. While the group was unable to find an adviser, they held several events on campus, and eventually garnered national attention from other media outlets such as the Huffington Post and CNN. These are a few of the stories that I worked on regarding the White Student Union.

Towson University Football

Towson announces 23 recruits on Signing Day

Punt, Pass and Pick: Week Fifteen

Towson denied FCS playoff bid

Tigers roar past Wildcats in final game

In addition to work as the News Editor, I was also the beat writer for the football team for a portion of 2012. These are a few of my clips that I have written for the team. I have also included a link to the weekly series I wrote for the sports section titled “Punt, Pass and Pick,” where I would pick a selection of that week’s NFL games against an opponent.

Barry Freundel

Professor arrested in D.C.

Update to Freundel investigation

From the Editor’s Desk: Covering the Barry Freundel story

Halfway through the fall 2014 semester, a Towson University professor and prominent rabbi in D.C. Barry Freundel was arrested and charged with six counts of voyeurism. I was in one of Freundel’s classes, so had to balance being a student and respectful to my peers while writing these stories. I broke the news that at least three students were invited to his synagogue this semester and asked to shower in a room that he allegedly had hidden cameras in. As part of breaking that story, I was on several news stations being interviewed and was featured in other articles. Because of this attention, I eventually took myself off the story, an explanation for which is in my editorial. 

Other Towerlight news stories

Community responds to Recher closing

At the end of February 2012, a popular concert venue in Towson, the Recher Theatre, announced it was closing and was turning into a nightclub, after being open for close to 16 years. This is a story on community reaction to the closing, including former bands who have performed at the venue, and community leaders who viewed the change in a negative light.

President Obama wins electoral vote by large margin

The end of The Towerlight’s 2012 election coverage, this is the story I wrote the night of elections on the re-election of President Obama. The story features student reaction from both Obama and Mitt Romney supporters, and also features video of interviews I carried out with students on both sides of the political spectrum the night the results were announced.

Students ‘dream’ of brighter future

Prior to the 2012 election, The Towerlight did a series of stories on the Maryland referendum questions. I chose to cover the Maryland DREAM Act, which ended up passing. In this story, I feature a group of students on campus who fought for the passage of the act, because they were unable to afford college under the current laws.

Man rams entrance to WMAR with stolen truck

When Towson was rocked by a national news story in May 2014, I spent the day covering an incident when a man (who turned out to be mentally ill) rammed the entrance to our local ABC television station in an effort to “close the multiverses.” 

University opposes bill for anonymous survey

There was a bill in the Maryland legislature during the 2014 session that would have required all colleges in Maryland to give out mandatory sexual assault surveys. In a three-section story, I went into why Towson was against the bill and why sexual assaults on college campuses are so under-reported.

Football: ‘Not as profitable of a venture’

Following Towson’s football team’s trip to the FCS National Championship game, I wrote a story about how much money the school actually lost on the trip and why most collegiate athletic programs simply don’t make money. 



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